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Kitchen Table or Dining Table: What Do You Need in Your Home?

Think about the size and shape of your home. Now think: do I need a kitchen table, or a dining room table? Confused? Although the words “dining table” are typically used by furniture manufacturers and retailers for all tables, there are a few key differences between the two. Boiling down which type of table you need can help in your purchasing decisions when shopping for dining room furniture. Follow our handy guide to help you discern between them.

Kitchen Tables

If you live in a townhome, an apartment, or a condominium with a small area just off the kitchen, and no other room dedicated for eating, then what you need is a kitchen table. Often a more casual furniture piece, a kitchen table is for informal dining and lots of hustle and bustle. Though families will gather round this table for breakfast or dinner, it’s also a surface used for everyday activities such as homework, or mundane tasks like filing taxes. Kitchen tables are also smaller, providing seating for as many as four people, and are thus less expensive than their larger counterparts. Browse our selection of kitchen tables in round or square shapes.

Dining Room Tables

In many traditional homes, there is a separate room that is adjacent to the kitchen that is larger and devoted solely to dining, perfect for a bigger dining room table. These tables and rooms are usually reserved for special occasions such as holiday meals, or when having a larger number of guests over for a formal dinner party, meaning alternate activities beyond eating rarely occur here. Seating anywhere between six to eight occupants, a dining room table usually comes with an extension leaf to accommodate more guests. Because of this, of course, they often cost quite a bit more money.

Shop Dining Tables in Memphis, TN

Now that you have a better idea of what table ought to go in your home, come on down to Memphis Furniture, where we have a wide variety of dining room furniture at astonishingly low prices.

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